Doing and Dreaming

I arrived at the campus of Highland Academy on Monday evening to help prepare for campmeeting. Yesterday morning I was standing in a long line of pastors, forming a chain to pass mattresses from one to another as the mattresses were moved from a building to the tents. One of the pastors made the comment that we would be doing this in our dreams that night. Another pastor responded, saying that he has talked with cashiers and other people who have repetitive jobs. Many of them admit that they still do their jobs in their dreams. Dreams have a way of showing us what our minds have been focusing on throughout the day. The conversation made me stop and ask myself: What does my mind focus on throughout the day?

In Proverbs 23:7, the Bible tells us that "as he thinketh in his heart, so is he." The things our minds focus on actually end up changing us. The Biblical principle that by beholding, we become changed has proven true many a time. If we are constantly filling our minds with the things the world has to offer us, we will become a product of this world. But if we fill our minds with thoughts of heaven and Christ, we will find ourselves fitted to dwell there. What are you choosing to fill your mind with?

Focusing on Christ,

Pastor Sutherland