Catch or Release

Last week I had the privilege of soaking in several presentations by Dan Serns at our semi-annual ministers' meetings. Pastor Serns is the lead pastor of a church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and he was sharing practical principles that have helped his church grow as well as plant several other churches. One of the illustrations he used was a story of a man who had been fishing for several hours but still had not caught anything. Frustrated, he wandered a little downstream where, to his surprise, he found another man who was just pulling a very large fish out of the water. The man, however, looked at the fish, slipped the hook out of it's mouth, and threw it back into the water. "Why did you throw the fish away?" asked the first man. In response, the second man held up a small frying pan. "The fish was too big!"

How many times are we just like those fishermen. We have heard and obeyed the call of the Master when He told us, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19). We've picked up our fishing rods, gathered the bait, and cast the line. But instead of catching fish, we either find none because we are looking in the wrong places or the fish we catch don't fit the mold we have set for them, so we let them go. God didn't call us to catch and release. He called us to fish. This week let's make a change in the way we look at the "fish" around us and start seeing them through God's eyes.

Learning to catch,

Pastor Sutherland