Little Things

Yesterday afternoon when I arrived home, I walked over to where all the mailboxes for my apartment complex are so I could get my mail. I noticed a minivan parked in front of them and a woman was sitting in the driver's seat apparently going through her mail. She was reading a card and as she closed it, her face broke into such a genuine smile. I looked away and finished walking to my mailbox, but that smile stayed with me. I have no idea what the card was for or who sent it, but something I do know is that she really appreciated it. Even though a card is such a little thing, I know that it completely made her day.

Sometimes it's so easy to discount the little things, isn't it? Maybe we don't notice them ourselves or we don't spend the extra minute or two it would take to do something small for someone else. I think about the fact that much of the New Testament is actually comprised of letters, written from one person to another, or in some cases, to a church. These were personal communications! It also amazes me how many times Paul went beyond the purpose of the letter to simply write an extra sentence; a "little thing" that would have meant so much. One example would be this sentence he wrote to Philemon: "I thank my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers" (Philemon 1:4). In fact, Paul said the exact same thing to the Romans (1:9), the Ephesians (1:16), and to Timothy (2 Tim. 1:3). How do you think the recipients felt after reading those simple words? Let's follow Paul's example and learn to take an extra minute each day to do a little thing for someone else. You have no idea how thankful they will be.

Taking time for the little things,

Pastor Sutherland