Peace On Earth

One of Chelsea and my favorite songs currently is one written and recorded by Peter Hollens entitled "December Song." Here are the lyrics from the first verse and chorus: "In December we give our gifts wishing well to our world / Peace on Earth to everyone / A time to be joyful when all is calm and all is bright / But why does it change with the seasons? / And why can't we just hold on? / to Silent nights, holy nights / And angels singing lullabies / And heaven and nature / Singing good will to all... To all." Why do people show love for one month out of the year, yet as soon as the new year rolls around, turn into the same terrible people they were before? Can there ever truly be "peace on earth?"

I wonder if the angels asked similar questions the night they appeared to a few shepherds that night so long ago. The sky exploded with dazzling light as the grandest choir ever heard by mortal man belted out, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men" (Luke 2:14). As the light faded and darkness once again pressed down upon the little village of Bethlehem, do you think the angels wondered if peace had really come? Or did they know that the peace that had come to earth with the little bundle of life lying in the manger was a different kind of peace, one that filled the recipient no matter what was happening around them? And do you think they knew that because that Baby had been born, that the door had been opened, making it possible for peace truly to reign when He came back the second time? I pray that you are experiencing the peace of God in your life today and looking forward to the day when there will finally be peace on earth.

Experiencing peace that passes understanding,

Pastor Sutherland