Vegetables to Eat

Last week a group of students joined First Lady Michelle Obama to help her plant the White House Kitchen Garden for the eighth year in a row. When this garden was originally planted in 2009, it was the first garden on the White House property since Eleanore Roosevelt's Victory Garden in 1944. While the Obama family was on the campaign trail, Michelle began making changes in their family's diet and schedule to allow them to maintain proper health and nutrition. After she became the First Lady, she determined that she would use her platform to encourage the American people to care about their health. The Kitchen Garden was one of the first things she implemented to encourage her own family and Americans in general to eat fresher food. The Obamas have also made it a point to eat several meals together as a family every week, with the hope that if the President can eat dinner with his family, so can anyone else. First Lady Obama also began Let's Move in 2010 to help Americans raise a healthier generation of kids.

The idea that what we eat effects our health and well-being is not new. Twenty-five hundred years ago Daniel and three of his friends were taken captive to Babylon. They were singled out to participate in three years of rigorous training. When these young men found out that they would be eating straight from the king's table, they were worried. Not only was that food offered to idols, but it was also not very healthy. They knew they needed all the help they could get for their studies, so they asked, "Please test your servants for ten days, and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink" (Daniel 1:12 NKJV). With God's help and the clarity their diet afforded them, these young men graduated ten times smarter than the wisest men in Babylon. The health message has unfortunately been lost to a great extent since then until recent years. Let's make our health a priority so that we can have the clarity to hear the still small voice of God.

Choosing to be healthy,

Pastor Sutherland