The Best Gift

"How about this one, Mommy?" asked a six-year-old boy, picking up a can of asparagus from the grocery store shelf. He and his mother were in the canned vegetable aisle as they were completing their weekly shopping. "I love asparagus!" the mother responded. "It's my favorite vegetable! But unfortunately it's just too expensive." Setting the can back on the shelf, she proceeded to pick out a cheaper vegetable and place it in the cart. Several months went by and it was Christmas morning. The mother opened a crudely wrapped gift from under the tree to find a can of asparagus. The little boy had been saving his pennies to buy his mother the best gift she had ever received.

We have a heavenly Parent who loves us and takes care of us. But there is something that He really wants. In the book of Proverbs I can hear God's longing as he says, "My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways" (Proverbs 23:26). Unlike the can of asparagus, however, He already owns our hearts twice over. He created them and He bought them by His death on the cross. But He also asks us to give them to Him by our own free will. Won't you join me in giving our Heavenly Parent the best gift He has ever received?

Giving my heart,

Pastor Sutherland