Like a Fall Thermometer

I absolutely love fall! I would go so far as to say that it is one of my favorite seasons. There are few things better in life than stepping outside and feeling the playful nip of the morning chill, hearing the pattering of leaves falling around you, and looking up to see a clear blue sky. As the sun rises, however, so does the mercury in the thermometer and by mid-afternoon it's time to roll down the car windows and let the breeze blow through your hair. As the sun sets in the western sky, you're ready to heat up the apple cider, light a bonfire, and go for a hayride, snuggled against someone you love.

As I've been thinking about the fall weather, I've realized that too many of us have a relationship with God that looks a lot like a fall thermometer. There are times when we are spiritually on fire, excited about God and spending time with His children. But it seems that just as fast as we heat up, we cool down, and we feel lost and distant, unsure about our relationship with God and hiding from our brothers and sisters. Does this ever happen to you? One of the greatest men in the Bible was Enoch. Not much is said about him, just a few verses. But the summary of his life is this: "And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him" (Genesis 5:24). In many of the other stories we read in the Bible, the characters have ups and downs, but not in this one. We see a man who kept walking with God, kept getting warmer and warmer, until God took him home. I'm not saying that it's wrong to have ups and downs, to struggle in your christian walk, and I'm sure that even Enoch struggled at times. But wouldn't it be nice if our spirituality looked less and less like a fall thermometer and more and more like record of the life of Enoch?