The Wedding Garment

As you read this, I am on an airplane headed to California for my wedding. This will be the culmination of days, weeks, and months of preparation, hopes, and dreams. There were so many little things we had to think about. There was the wedding venue that had to be booked. We had to ask friends and family to be a part of our wedding party. We had to buy the decorations and plan the menu for the reception. I had to choose the outfit for myself and the groomsmen and Chelsea had to find and buy the perfect wedding dress. Even now we need to pick up our marriage license and lock down all the last minute details.

God must have been talking about the importance of all this wedding preparation when he asked Jeremiah, "Can a maid forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire?" These are all good things and certainly something that we place high priority on. But God continues: "Yet my people have forgotten me days without number" (Jeremiah 2:32). It's fine to be excited and pay attention to the important things in this life. But we have to be careful that these things don't overshadow God and make us forget about Him. There's a wedding that we all should be preparing to attend, a wedding where God Himself provides a wedding garment for us to wear. I'm certainly going to enjoy my wedding, but I won't let it distract me from the greatest wedding the universe will ever see.

Looking forward to wearing His wedding garment,

Pastor Sutherland