The Knowledge

London has to be one of my favorite cities in the world. I love the culture, the people, the parks, and the taxis. Very few things say "London" more than the Black taxi cabs. Something I learned while I was there was how difficult it is to become a London Cabby. You see, it takes much more than owning or leasing a black car and putting destinations into a GPS. In fact, a GPS isn't even allowed in the front of a London taxi. Every driver has to go through a grueling process of studying and preparing to take the test simply called "The Knowledge of London." Most people take between three and five years doing nothing but preparing for, what some have called, the most difficult test in the world. They must learn every single one of London's 25,000 streets, including whether they are one way or not, which ones are dead ends, and how to enter and exit each traffic circle. Not only that, they also need to know everything on each of those streets, including some 30,000 major points of interest. A London Cabby is expected to know the best route at any given time to any given destination - without the use of a map, iPhone, or GPS.

As I think about how much time and energy people put into learning things, it makes me wonder how much time we are putting into learning our Bibles and getting to know the One who died for us. Paul told Timothy that, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness" (2 Timothy 3:16). If the Bible is applicable to so many areas of our lives, why don't we spend more time getting to know it? If men and women can spend several years of their lives completely devoted to memorizing streets and landmarks, can't we devote a few minutes each day to the words that will change our eternal destinies? I'm making a commitment to spending more time gaining the knowledge that will fit me for eternity. Won't you join me?

Always learning,

Pastor Sutherland