Are Bugs Attracted to You?

After prayer meeting in Parsons last night, Chelsea and I drove over to the Beech River Airport and took the little Cherokee, N486FL, for a short flight. I have not been able to fly recently nearly as often as I should be, so we spent the few minutes we had doing touch-and-go's. It was a perfect evening. The wind had died down, the sky was perfectly clear, and the last shades of pink were on the horizon as I worked on perfecting my landings. After nearly thirty minutes, I brought the plane in for a landing for the last time, filled it up with fuel, and taxied back to the hangar. As I pushed the plane back into the hangar, I heard and saw something that signaled summer must be here. Below and around the large light in the center of the hangar was a swarm of moths, beetles, and other bugs. They kept flying around the light, under the light, and into the light.

Even though I have seen this phenomenon often enough, I have never done any research to discover why bugs are attracted to light. Apparently scientists are not completely sure why, but one of the more prominent theories is that moths and other bugs use the lights of the moon and stars to guide them as they fly at night. Artificial lighting confuses them because not only is it brighter than the moon and stars, but it also changes its location in relation to the flying insect. This causes the moth or beetle to fly in circles, and sometimes even crash into the light. Jesus said we are to be lights, but unlike the artificial lighting that seems to attract the bugs, our light is not to attract people to us. It is to be used, like the moon and the stars, to point others to Him! In the book of Daniel we read, "They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever" (Daniel 12:3). God says that we should be like the stars, guiding those around us to God, the One who alone can give them righteousness. Which light are you? The star, guiding people to Christ? Or the artificial light, attracting people to yourself?

Guiding people to Christ,

Pastor Sutherland