Scrolling through Facebook, seeing ads on TV, or even talking with friends, it seems everywhere we see people trying to make changes in their lives this new year. One of the more popular sayings is "New Year, New Me." January 1 is a time to reset, to turn the page on a blank and unsoiled future. One of my friends on Instagram took a different approach. They wrote, "New Year, Same Me, because I like the way I am." I guess that shows a healthy dose of self esteem and conveyed the message that we can learn to truly appreciate who God has made us. My challenge for you is something different, however. While many New Years' Resolutions tend to focus on ourselves and changes we can make in our lives, make this year's saying, "New Year, Less Me." With an increasing push to focus on ourselves, try to make this year more about others and ultimately, more about Christ.

Being six months older than Jesus and beginning his ministry while He was still a carpenter, John the Baptist was used to being first in a lot of ways. After Jesus' ministry began, however, the crowds that had once followed John began to gradually shift to following Jesus. Even some of John's disciples, faithful as they were, left him to follow Jesus. Instead of becoming jealous, John said these insightful and mature words: "He must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30). As we face another year, filled with ups and downs, dreams and surprises, let's spend a moment every day inviting Jesus to be Lord of our lives. This is the only way we can truly make a difference this year. Hello 2018, the year that I decrease so He can increase.