Too Much Chocolate?

As I was skimming through the news this morning, one headline in particular caught my eye and made me chuckle. It read like this: "Not so sweet: Tanker truck crash spills liquid chocolate onto highway." Apparently a tanker truck in Poland ended up overturning this morning. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. The driver went to the hospital with a broken arm, but no one else was involved. The thing that made me laugh, however, was that the truck had been carrying liquid chocolate. As it oozed out over the surface of the road, it began to cool, hardening into a huge chocolate candy bar. The clean up crews were having to ship in hot water to try and melt the chocolate so they could clean it up. I know it sounds like the blissful fulfillment of some crazy dream, but apparently a huge chocolate candy bar is just a mess if it's in the wrong place.

As Christians, and particularly Seventh-day Adventists, we know a lot of wonderful things. We get excited about how we can discover the character of God through the doctrines that we teach, such as the state of the dead or the Sabbath. These truths can be as sweet as chocolate to you, but before you spill all that sweetness over someone, make sure they're ready for it. Jesus, near the end of His time on earth, said this, “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now" (John 16:12). If Jesus still couldn't share things with people who had spent three-and-a-half years soaking up His every word, how much wiser should we be to make sure we don't overwhelm people with all we want to tell them? I'm not saying we shouldn't share these incredible doctrines with people - quite the opposite! The world needs to hear the message we have to give. Just don't overwhelm them; because it turns out that truth, like chocolate, is best one piece at a time.