Time for Everything

Managing time is tough. In fact, according to the leading experts in the field, we don't manage time at all. Instead, we manage ourselves in time. And managing ourselves is even more difficult. I'm currently at Southern working on another graduate class. The one I'm taking this year is called, "Time and Life Management for Pastors." It has been just as practical and thought provoking as you would expect. I've discovered that, even though time management is one of my passions and I thought I was at least keeping my head above water, I have a lot to do to manage myself in time better. Life is so crazy and hectic that some would argue that it's impossible to live a controlled life in the world today. But as Christians, it's imperative that we learn to manage our time so we can hear God's voice and ultimately bring honor and glory to His name.

Sometimes I wonder if Solomon even understood how crazy life could get when he wrote that there is "time for every purpose under heaven" (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Did he even attempt to do every purpose found under heaven? But if you keep reading, you'll discover a list of all of these things that each have their time and their season. And suddenly you'l realize that Solomon understood time management! One of the first rules is that you have to create a schedule and realize that different things need to be done at different times. You can't attempt everything at once and expect to succeed at anything! But if you look at your day, your week, your year, and set aside different times for different activities, you'll begin to understand that there truly is time for everything.