Yesterday the entire world breathed a sigh of relief and sent prayers of Thanksgiving heavenward. The twelve members of the Wild Boars Soccer Team and their coach have all been successfully rescued from the Thai cave where they have been trapped for the last three weeks. Due to falling oxygen levels, high water levels, and forecasts of rain, the rescue operation became an urgent race against time. The passage was long and narrow, flooded with water. Some of the kids on the soccer team couldn't even swim, so an hours-long scuba journey seemed nearly impossible. In fact, one of the Thai Navy SEALS died last week when he got caught by a flash flood after delivering oxygen to the team. But through what some have called a miracle, the entire team has been rescued and is safe.

As I thought about this rescue and how the world has rallied to make it possible, I thought of another rescue that each one of us is involved in. When He was on earth, Jesus made this statement: "The Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost" (Luke 19:20). Just like that soccer team, we are lost and in danger of suffocating. There seems to be an impassable channel between us and the fresh air and sunlight of God's presence. But don't panic! You may not know how to swim, but that doesn't matter. Jesus is on the biggest rescue mission the universe has ever seen. And He will successfully rescue all those who are willing to be rescued. Won't you grab hold of hope and follow Jesus out of this suffocating entrapment and into the glory of His presence?