Communication Problems

A couple of years ago, shortly after getting my pilots' license, I started renting a Piper Cherokee 140. Unfortunately it had old radio equipment that had its quirks. One of the first trips I made in the plane was a 30-minute flight to pick up some books from one of my friends who was giving them away. I made periodic radio calls as I was taking off, in flight, and landing. No one responded to any of my calls, which was not completely unusual, and I just assumed that there must have been no aircraft around. Come to find out, there was a little switch on the intercom box which was in the wrong position, meaning I was not broadcasting my voice on the radio frequency. No one responded to my radio calls because nobody heard them. Another time, months later, Chelsea and I were flying around sunset, enjoying the beautiful evening. Again, no one responded to my radio calls and this time, as we were coming into the traffic pattern for a landing, I saw another aircraft headed straight for ours already in the pattern. I turned the plane to get out of the way and made a very negative comment to Chelsea about pilots who don't communicate their location. After landing, the pilot of the other plane walked up to me and informed me that my radio mic had been stuck on, meaning that everyone in the air heard everything Chelsea and I said to each other on our entire flight. We also had been hogging the frequency, meaning that no one else could say anything on the radio.

Thankfully, shortly after that, the Cherokee had new radios installed and we never had any problems after that. But thinking about those two experiences in that airplane makes me think of how I feel sometimes when I try to talk to God. It sometimes feels like I'm praying into thin air and He doesn't respond. But could it be that, just like the Pharisee Jesus talked about in Luke 18, sometimes I'm praying with myself, the switch on my soul's intercom in the wrong position? Or maybe I'm so busy talking, hogging the frequency, that I don't even give God time to respond! God promises us, "Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you" (Jeremiah 29:12). He hears and answers your prayers. Just make sure you give Him the opportunity to respond.