In Love With Love

Chelsea and I were watching something the other day where this guy decides he wants to take a woman he had recently met to the fair. They were both in their upper fifties and he had written a beautiful note saying that he wanted to squire her (this was set in the early 1900's). The woman was extremely excited and even bought a new dress for the occasion. When she arrived to the fair, the man met her and made the comment that he "loved to be in love." The woman was in a dreamy paradise all day long, but as the viewers, we were able to see things she was not. When he would go to get her a drink or leave her for a moment to check on something, he would be flirting with any other woman he happened to meet as well. In the end, the woman discovered that he wasn't really in love with her - he was simply in love with love.

With Valentine's Day coming up tomorrow, I'd like to ask: Who, or what, are you in love with? Are you in love with the idea of love? Or are you truly in love with a person? And better yet, where does your love come from? In the Bible, the apostle John said this, "We love each other because he loved us first" (1 John 4:19, NLT). Because of God's love for us, we respond with love for Him and for each other. Love is a beautiful thing, but it's only a channel between people. The idea of love is nothing if it's not active between two people. So don't fall in love with love - fall in love with God and the person He has placed in your life.