Too Many Gifts

The bustle and excitement of the camp created a happy, incessant hum as the young man drew the canvas tent flap aside and squinted into the morning sun. It seemed only a few days ago that Moses, their leader, had gathered everyone together and announced plans to build a tabernacle, a tent that God Himself would live in. Moses had encouraged all the people, young and old, to give generously and cheerfully. Eliab had given a few pieces of gold himself! But now, Moses was again gathering everyone together in the center of camp where the tabernacle was going to be built. Hurrying between the tents, he noticed how happy everyone was. Not too long ago there had been a terrible ordeal when Aaron had made the golden calf. Families were divided and many lost their lives. But since the announcement about the tabernacle, a different spirit had come over everyone!

Arriving in the center of camp, Eliab noticed Moses and Aaron, standing near the mountain of treasure that had been built over the last few days. They both had huge smiles on their faces. Once a crowd had gathered, Moses raised his arm, silencing the people. He then made this shocking statement, “Let neither man nor woman do any more work for the offering of the sanctuary" (Exodus 36:6). "We have too much material! Please stop giving!" A cheer erupted all around Eliab and everyone scattered throughout the camp to spread the news. They had more than enough for the tabernacle! It's a wonder, thought Eliab, how much is given when it's given cheerfully. I wonder if God multiplied the things we gave? No, that's a silly thought. He shook his head, laughed, and ran to tell his best friend the wonderful news.