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 Quick Facts About Me

  1. I say I'm from Alaska, since that is where I was born and where I have lived for nearly half of my life. But I have moved a lot and have called six states and three countries home. These experiences have helped to shape me into a balanced person with an international perspective.

  2. While at Southern Adventist University, I completed the Soul-winning And Leadership Training (SALT) Program, worked as a Bible worker, served as an elder and Sabbath School superintendent in my local church, became president of the Student Ministerial Association, completed two evangelistic series both in the United States and overseas, and graduated in December of 2014 with my Bachelors of Arts in Theology. In the summer of 2016 I resumed classes as I began a 6-year journey to complete my Master of Ministry with an emphasis in Church Leadership and Management.

  3. In my last semester at Southern, I accepted a call from the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and began pastoring the Lobelville, Parsons, and Camden district at the beginning of 2015. In the summer of 2017 I received a call to transition to the Lawrenceburg / Pulaski district and currently live in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

  4. As a pastor, I am passionate about professionalism in every area of life, including ministry. As a pilot I enjoy the challenge of a perfect landing and am constantly in awe of the freedom of flight. As a musician I love listening to music as well as playing various instruments. As a creative I find a certain kind of beauty in design, whether it be film, photography, or some other form of digital expression. I also enjoy hammocking, hiking, reading, driving, and spending time with family and friends.

  5. Chelsea and I were married on March 12, 2017 in beautiful Napa, California. She graduated in December of 2016 with her associates degree in nursing and in the spring of 2019 with her bachelors in nursing and is now a licensed RN, working at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System in Lawrenceburg. Her goal is to become a flight nurse someday and help save those who are struggling to take their next breath. We are so excited to serve the Lord together and are looking forward to what He has in store for us.